NB4L is our Inspector Pick of the Week!

This New Bus for London model was impeccably created by TS artist QLEE, and it’s rolling fresh off the Inspectors’ Desk.  Says Inspector Corey:

The way it’s modeled is perfect for what CheckMate Pro V2 is looking for.  The way the reflections on the material work, as well as the level of realism, down to the rails for the seating, makes this a great model.

Inspector Pick of the Week: BBB3viz’s Bloomin’ Best

This week’s inspector pick is a charming and wonderfully realistic model by TurboSquid modeler BBB3viz.  While it looks great as a whole, these white roses look even more amazing up front— a true feat, especially when it comes to plant modeling.

Says Inspector Lindsy:

This model is both elegant and efficient. It renders beautifully and would make a great addition to any scene. Easy to work with, and very well crafted.

C’est magnifique!

Inspector Pick of the Week: Turning It Up to Eleven, All Across the Board

This week’s Inspector Pick was modeled by a very talented TurboSquid artist by the name of MS_RAY.  Detailed down to the stage lights, this massive stage setup begs the question, “How much more awesome could it be?” (Answer: none more awesome.)

Says Inspector Logan:

Everything is organized and easy to control— the video walls are easy to replace with your own images or video. The geometry is clean and can be either a day or night scene.

Rock on.